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October 1, 2016
Patient Satisfaction Surveys Valuable to KMC
October 1, 2016
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April 2 Meeting a Success, Mahalo!

The entire Ko‘olauloa Oahu community was invited to participate in a Community Visioning Meeting organized by KMC. Held on April 2 at the Kahuku Community Center, the meeting was intended to get feedback on how KMC can better serve its community.

There was a small but dedicated turn out, and the quality of feedback received was extremely valuable. The meeting was led by facilitator Sarah Soakai, a Kahuku resident and graduate student in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. Additional facilitators were Mary Ann Long, Carol Feinga, and Kate Thomas. After establishing ground rules and getting clearabout assumptions, Soakai invited attendees to share “Barriers,”(What is keeping you and your family from being healthy?),
andshare “Solutions,” (What can we do to improve the health ofthe community?). The last part of the meeting invited attendees to place their “vote” (their sticker) next to items they thoughtdeserved the most prioritization of time and energy.

Additional visioning sessions with a similar format were held with KMC employees, with Physicians, and with Kahuku High School Health Academy Students.

Phase I Visioning Now Complete
Results and Summary of Your Feedback

5 meetings over 6 weeks. More than 80 people. 101 responses to the online survey. KMC asked its target groups (KMC employees, Koolauloa Physicians, Koolauloa community, and Kahuku High School Health Academy Students) to share their dreams and concerns about health and health services in our community. Here is what KMC heard from those who participated:

1. Communications is a big deal. Though KMC is doing better, we’re not doing enough to update you on available resources, changes to services, and other developments that affect your community hospital and potentially your health. We also need better waysto get your input on an ongoing basis, not just during planning periods.
2. You want all of us working in health and education to play together more effectively —to coordinate and integrate services across organizations so it’s easier for you to find what you need and for us to address the gaps that you’ve identified.
3. You want way more resources that help you and your family stay fit and disease free. Healthy cooking classes, group exercise programs for all ages, lifestyle coaching, a farmer’s market,community gardens, and native and complementary health services are all on your wish list. A fitness and wellness center is high among your priorities.
4. You want us and our partners to do a better job planning and coordinating specialty services, such as dialysis, oncology, cardiology, maternal and child health, women’s health, elder care, and mental health. You’re tired of the long drives and want these services closer to home.
5. Elderly and disabled and their caregivers need more support: Better information resources, more health and wellness programs in the community, and better transportation services to access them.
6. KMC needs to continue diligently to improve the quality of itse quipment, facilities and campus. You want an attractive and inviting community hospital that you’re proud to use.

With this info, the KMC board is currently drafting its new three year strategic plan for the hospital campus and services. In the summer, we begin KMC Visioning Phase Two, when we ask the community once again to join with us—through our website, email, social media, and communitymeetings—to review and finalize a responsive plan for your community hospital.