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February 5, 2017
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February 5, 2017
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Elvis’ Story

Football Mom So Grateful for Dr. Hughes’ Thoughtful Approach

Elvis is a senior at Kahuku High School and a running back with Red Raiders Football team. He is the fourth of six childen in the Vakapuna family.

The Vakapuna children are “usually in good health, and rarely get sick,” says Barbara, a grateful mom. Which is why when Elvis was hit with a barrage of injuries and health obstacles this past fall, Mom was understandably concerned. Even though each situation was a cause for worry, Barbara’s confidence grew as she observed Dr. Hughes handling each situation with utmost care and a sincere commitment to Elvis’ well being. “I can tell he cares. Rather than simply prescribing a pill, he wants to get to the root of the problem, to solve it.”

In one instance, Dr. Hughes saliently referred Elvis to a specialist to diagnose his puzzling symptoms more completely, which led to the discovery of a unique health condition. In another instance, an unexpected accident brought Elvis and Barbara to the KMC ER where Dr. Hughes played a key role in the follow up and recovery.

Elvis also encountered 3 football injuries this past fall: a helmet to his hip, a shoulder pad clip into his armpit, and a jammed finger. Elvis is a natural competitor and though he was anxious to get back to playing, Dr. Hughes always had the long view in mind. He insisted on the injury fully healing, for fear of developing deeper damage or longer term injury. Dr. Hughes advocates for whole health and was unafraid to put his foot down in the best interest of his patient.

And just when Barbara thought she might be able to breathe a sigh of relief, Elvis and the rest of her entire family were hit with strep throat. Thankfully, she knew where to go and who to turn to. She knew her family would be well taken care of.

The Vakapuna family members living in Hawaii: (left to right) Elvis (age 17), Barbara, Timote (age 6), K‘ai‘e (age 10) and Manulua (age 18)