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February 23, 2018
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March 2, 2018
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Isn’t stress natural?

~ As Appeared in the February 2018 Issue of North Shore News ~

A: As the nation reels from another school shooting, it is no wonder that people are feeling stressed. The combination of fear, some feeling of helplessness, plus everyday life’s expectations is a lot to take on. Stress is often the body’s reaction to feeling overloaded or struggling to cope with new or different situations. For example relationships, work or finances. Anything that appears as a threat, real or perceived, may trigger stress. Some stress is good. Too much can hurt us both mentally and physically. Stress triggers a chemical reaction that floods the body with cortisol and adrenaline. This leads to increased heart rate, tight muscles, rapid breathing and raised blood pressure. This may help if we are fighting for our life, however in every day situations the harm is significant. Stress also leads to trouble sleeping, stomach pain, headaches and a decreased immune system leading to more illness. Some emotional signs of stress are moodiness, being easily frustrated and overwhelmed, difficulty relaxing, feeling lonely or worthless and avoiding people. More than likely each of us has experienced many of these symptoms as we react to events in our lives. If you worry it may be too much you are probably right. Take a breather and talk to someone if you find yourself constantly worrying, frustrated or being overly negative. Deep breathing, meditation/relation techniques, massage and talking about it with a trusted friend can really help. Exercise, eat healthy, avoid excessive caffeine, alcohol or smoking, limit your time on social media and, most importantly, make time for the things and people you enjoy. As always, ask your doctor for help if you need it. Your life and health is worth it. Questions? Fill out the anonymous form on our website at http://www.kmc-hi.org/atd