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January 6, 2017
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January 6, 2017
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Jen’s Story

Kahuku Medical Center for the Whole Family

This busy eight member household has been in and out of Kahuku Medical Center with great frequency! Mother Jen counts KMC as a godsend because of its off hours availability and her experience with thorough, caring doctors who routinely go beyond the call of duty.

What can go wrong? You name it: Jen has brought family members in for earaches, strep throat, sliced cheeks, sliced chins, hit heads, asthma, eel bites, growing pains, bug bites, skin sensitivities, and infections.

In some instances they were emergency situations, and in others, family members needed care at night or over the weekend when their Kahuku family doctors’ offices were closed.

In every instance, Jen has been so pleased with the KMC doctors who are “really looking after patients.” She’s observed that over the past five years, she’s seen the customer service at KMC dramatically increase in quality.