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November 15, 2016
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Kelly’s Story

Courage and Determination to Walk Again


While only one month pregnant, 27 year old Kelly was hit by a car while walking to work. She suffered from intense pain in her left leg and foot from nerve damage, and was unable to walk. Her condition is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. During the following eight months of her pregnancy, pain medication was not an option to protect the health of her unborn baby. Her positive attitude, determination and a rigorous and regular physical therapy plan at Kahuku Medical Center (KMC) set her on a course of recovery.

CFrom day one, she vowed “I’ll take whatever pain I have to, as long as the baby is okay.” The trauma of the accident and the subsequent pain from nerve damage was something this young expectant couple, was certainly not expecting. Kelly was put on crutches continued to be on crutches throughout her pregnancy.

More determined than ever and without the assistance of pain killers, Kelly struggled through the “pain and torture” of physical therapy as a solution to stopping her foot from shutting down. KMC created a plan of treatment that incorporated range of motion needed to rehabilitate her reflexes and the nerves of her foot. Through regular and rigorous appointments with the attentive KMC Physical Therapy staff – Ryan Nielson, Folly Murdock, and Marife Ilaban — Kelly was learning how to walk again.

She recalls the dedication of the KMC physical therapists who went so far as to visit her at her home pool to show her pool exercises to assist in her healing and therapy. “Their dedication and care went above and beyond my expectations,” she said.

And life was returning to her foot.

Eight months after the accident, Kelly delivered naturally a beautiful and healthy son, named Avin. During labor, she alternated between contractions and foot pain.

Ten months after the accident, she “graduated” from her crutches and has been walking with her cane.

Kelly credits the expertise and care of the physical therapists at KMC in preventing her injury from regressing to a state of being wheelchair bound. She looks forward to the day when she can again walk freely. In the mean time, she and husband Jake are enjoying the new adventure of parenthood.