KMC Mission & Vision


Kahuku Medical Center will provide quality health care and promote wellness in our community in a professional, caring, culturally sensitive and financially responsible manner.


Kahuku Medical Center is integral to total population health for Ko`olauloa.

1. Honesty & Trust
  • Realize all are imperfect - know strengths and ways to encourage/strengthen others
  • Lead with humility - admit mistakes and learn from others
  • Be honest in word and action

2. Teamwork

  • Take initiative to make things better/pitch in when needed to assist others
  • Maintain constructive relationship with associates, patients, agencies and visitors

3. Good Communication

  • Listen attentively, talk tactfully, respectfully, diplomatically, and accurately
  • Deliver information in a timely manner
  • Receive constructive feedback in a positive manner

4. Mutual Respect

  • Treat everyone with respect and courtesy in word and deed
  • Maintain the self-confidence, dignity, and self-esteem of others
  • Focus on situations, processes, issues, and/or behaviors and NOT on personalities
  • Appreciate/compliment each other's strengths and contributions

5. Professionalism

  • Learn best-practices, know the job, be reliable, accountable, and lead by example
  • Maintain a professional image in dress and demeanor
  • Maintain a positive, up-beat, professional attitude

6. Fair Treatment

  • Act with integrity and consistency
  • Treat everyone fairly, equally, and informatively

7. A Preferred Healthy Place to Work

  • Maintain friendly natures with all associates
  • Sustain healthy humor and a spirit of cheerfulness
  • Acknowledge/celebrate progress and improvements together