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October 1, 2016
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October 1, 2016
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The Kahuku Medical Center Strategic Plan 2016 – 2018


Over the Next three years KMC aspires to:

• Establish a Healthcare Home for the Ko‘olauloa Region. We will attract more of the kinds of programs you need right here on the Kahuku Medical Center campus. We will improve our existing services with high standards and effective management. Our goal is to become a home of healing and wellness for you and your family – a place you go not just for emergency care, but for a wide range of services and activities that help you heal and stay well.

• Increase Communication. We will strengthen communication widely, with patients, fellow service providers, our employees, and the community at large. We want our finger on the pulse of the community and to hear what you think and need while ensuring you know what we are doing and why we are doing it. We want to make the task of navigating health care easier by sharing information more effectively with you and the service providers you choose.

• Build Partnerships with Other Health Care Providers We will work effectively with other health care providers, government entities, nonprofit organizations, and community groups to build partnerships that make more, better, and seamless services available locally for you and your family.

What is a Strategic Plan and how did KMC Create its Strategic Plan?

The complete KMC Strategic Plan 2016–2018 can be viewed by clicking HERE

The KMC Strategic Plan establishes the priorities to guide Kahuku Medical Center over the next three years from 2016 to 2018. KMC’s Strategic Plan answers the question “What are the healthcare needs in our community and how can KMC better serve those needs?”

The Strategic Plan is culmination of a 6 month visioning process that was carried out in early 2015 along this north and north-east coastline, within the communities from Kualoa to Waimea. This visioning process significantly influenced the Strategic Plan.

In the visioning process, KMC sought critical feedback and ideas on how KMC can better serve the community. We asked people to share their dreams and concerns about health and health services in our community. KMC held five meetings with: clinical providers in the area, community leaders, KMC staff, Kahuku High School Health Academy Students, and the greater Ko‘olauloa community. In addition, KMC gathered additional community feedback via an online survey, a KMC facebook page, one-to-one meetings, and stakeholder consultations. KMC partnered with the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa to train four area residents as community fascilitators, two of whom were born at the Hospital. These are the seeds of building a local community planning capacity that KMC can draw upon in years to come.