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Additional COVID-19 Moderna Vaccines Have Arrived

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Great news! Another shipment of the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine has arrived on the North Shore!

The additional supply of vaccines will make more appointments available to eligible individuals effective immediately. Please visit to begin the registration process.

The KMC Ohana is working diligently to make vaccine registration and administration convenient for all individuals. Updates and resources are available online at

Mahalo for your patience when navigating through the VAMS process.

Understanding the VAMS Registration Process: for a helpful step by step overview to complete the VAMS registration process.

Due to the limited supply of vaccines available nationwide and accessibility variables related to the federally managed VAMS registration platform, we encourage you to please avoid making changes to your appointment date/time once it is confirmed. *The VAMS platform requires an appointment cancellation before searching for new appointment dates/times.

What is VAMS? "The Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) is a secure, web-based tool built to help jurisdictions, vaccination clinics, organizations/employers, and vaccine recipients manage COVID-19 vaccination efforts. It supports operations and data collection and tracking to meet COVID-19 vaccination requirements." - CDC


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