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Wellness and Preventive Care at KMC Starts From Within

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." — World Health Organization

The first Malama Tribe cohort lost a collective 50 pounds, 200 inches, perceived stress of 80 points, and 112 cholesterol points! Team members included (L to R): Diane Tollefsen, Dee-Ann Kekahuna, Anny Malufau, Andrea Renaud, Dana Ramos, Fredlene Crowell, Alex Steppe, Kate Thomas, Jason Hughes, MD.

One of KMC’s strategic goals is to become a home of healing and wellness. KMC is working towards becoming a place one goes to not just for emergency care, but for a wide range of services and activities that offer healing and encourage day- to-day health. With this spirit in mind, KMC decided to focus on wellness from within, investing in KMC’s employees.

KMC Eliminates Soda and Revisits Menu Current research shows the detrimental and profound effects of sugar on our bodies and to our society as a whole. As of July 2015, KMC no longer offers soda for sale on campus. Natural options such as coconut and flavored waters are available. The menu too, is undergoing modification and will continue to offer healthy options for patients and employees.

KMC Offers a Serenity Room on Campus Science also confirms the positive effects of meditation, breath, visualization, and alternative healing practices for both emotional well being and physical health. Open to employees, physicians, and staff, it’s a quiet room to take a break, reflect, unwind, and pause amidst very busy work days at KMC.

KMC Offers Innovative “Malama Tribe” Program to Support Improved Health of KMC Staff As a healthcare provider, KMC believes in enhancing the health of its staff who in turn can better care for patients. The “Malama Tribe” is a cohort of 9 employees who together track and accomplish fitness and mental health goals over a period of 90 days. Meeting together with a trainer for an hour three days a week, the cohort undergoes physical training and nutrition education. The time together also builds supportive relationships, indeed another component to healthy living. Over the 90 days, the Malama Tribe measured weight lost, inches lost, perceived stress, and cholesterol levels.

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