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Inpatient Swing Bed

Proudly serving the North Shore of Oahu

KMC’s inpatient services provide an ideal transition from hospital to home.  For patients who need more time to heal and regain strength, KMC offers an array of medical and therapeutic services in a peaceful environment.  We are a designated Critical Access Hospital with 21 private patient rooms and attached full, private bathrooms.  Each room has a nice view of the grounds and is equipped with a TV, cable and Wifi.  Patient iPads are available for use during your stay so you can remain connected to loved ones or manage your affairs.  Our staff will take care of you around the clock to ensure you are at your very best when it’s time to go home. 

Services We Provide


  • IV Antibiotics

  • Therapeutic Rehabilitation (Physical, Occupational, Speech)

  • Wound Care

  • Post-Surgical Care

  • Pain Management

  • Nutrition Support

  • Medical Transport as Needed

  • Restorative Care

  • Customizable Cuisine




Members of your Healthcare Team


  • Doctors

  • Nurse Practitioners

  • Nurses

  • CNA

  • Rehabilitation Therapists

  • Dietitian

  • Case Managers

  • Social Workers

  • Pharmacist


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will by stay be?

Q: How long will my stay be?

A: Most patients stay for a short amount of time, but can range from a few days to a few weeks or more.  Your length of stay is determined by your treatment needs and your progress.  Your participation will impact your progress, so commitment to your care plan is an important factor in your length of stay as well.

Am I allowed to have visitors?

Q: Am I allowed to have visitors?

A: Yes you are.  Visiting hours are from am – pm.  You are allowed to designate a family member or caregiver as your bedside companion and we will provide basic accommodations for them to remain with you through the entirety of your stay.  We allow this as it’s often a great opportunity for your support system to become more familiar with your care needs.  Our staff will gladly provide caregiver training when needed.

Will my insurance cover my stay?

Q: Will my insurance cover my stay?

A: Most insurance carriers do cover a percentage of inpatient stays. Financial assistance options are also available. 

What if I don't like the food?

Q: What if I don't like the food? 

A: While we agree that hospital food doesn’t always have the best reputation, our Dietary Department is renowned for serving up meals with a home-cooked feel.  However, if you are not satisfied with the food you are welcome to have a visitor bring you something from outside the facility.  We only ask that outside food align with your therapeutic diet needs to optimize your body’s ability to heal. 

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